Into the Wild, a new RPG project by RiotMinds


Our friends and supporters over at RiotMinds are happy to announce the first installment of their new label, “Fantasy Adventures Series,” a line of OGL 5E supplements and adventures (as mentioned before, we will look into other systems as well). Into the Wild is a complete guide for adventuring in the wilderness. The campaign will launch next week.


This is just a taste of what you’ll get:

  • 10 new Ranger and Druid sub-classes (including Borderland Scout, Forest Warden, River Master, Tunnel Guide, and Tree Whisperer) with new fighting styles such as Forest Strider and Ambush
  • 25+ new spells customized for Rangers and Druids
  • Survival rules (food rations, complications, live-off-the-land), camping, and hunting
  • Rules for specific environments including Forest, Steppe, Tundras, Mountains, Hills, Icy Plains, the Underworld, Marshes, Rivers and Lakes, Seas and Oceans, The Sky, Volcanic Landscapes
  • Rules for natural hazards include: Altitude, Hunger and Thirst, Heat, Cold and Frostbite, Drowning and Suffocation, Falling, Darkness, Blinding Light, Diseases & Poisons
  • Rules for exploration, navigation, and orientation
  • Travel types (horseback, trekking, sled, skis, ship, etc.)
  • A whole chapter on trees, herbs, flowers, berries, mushrooms, and everything that grows in the wild and can be used for potions and elixirs
  • Complete rules for making potions based on ingredients from the nature
  • Travel hazards and more than 50 new encounters “created” by nature, such as ice-troll, man-eater plant, tree-demon, root-stalker, and riverfly
  • Wilderness equipment (snowshoes, sled, climbing gear, etc.)
Explore the unknown lands with your heroes

Great News!

The project will offer an Early Pledge Bonus:

Kan vara en bild av 1 person och text där det står ”EARLY PLEDGE BONUS! EXCLUSIVE COLOR PRINT OF THE COVER If you pledge within 24 hours of the launch of this campaign you'll get an exclusive color print of the cover for free. This only applies to plegde levels including physical rewards”