Upcoming: Dice & Mystics Fringe 2017

UPDATE for the Dice & Mystics Fringe Event: We are humbled by the overwhelming interest and enthusiasm in our event. We are full. We are looking forward to meet you all at our place and are deeply sorry not to be able to host more of you fellow gamers!

ROLL UP and join the gaming fun!
We have free gaming space for you.

Our parish center in Bochum will open its porch this October 28th (from 4 p.m. until midnight) for gaming enthusiasts from all over the world again.

After our success in 2016 and fulfilling the request of so many of our guests, we are going to host our second Dice & Mystics Fringe on Saturday October 28th at our game location in Bochum, 15 Minutes by car from the SPIEL.

It is free of any charge and entirely non-commercial.

All we want to do is give fellow board gamers and SPIEL visitors a chance to enjoy their new games and exchange their experiences of the fair. You can unbox and punch your games to rid yourself of superfluous weight on the journey home.
There is space at large and well-lit tables and plenty time to play on Saturday from 16.00 to 24.00 p.m.; however, the places are limited, so we do kindly ask you to contact us so that we can put you on our guest list.

We can give you directions on how to find us (just 3 turns from the autobahn; also by public transport). Hotels and restaurants in the vicinity may be about the same driving distance to the SPIEL as some in Essen.

There will be the opportunity to order food on the premises; a delivery service will take orders at the tables. Teas and coffees are free!

You would like to come? Contact us via contact@diceandmystics.de.  Our Fringe will be a closed event, hence we kindly ask you to provide us with your name, names of additional guests that will come with you, your address and your preferred email for contact. We will confirm your reservation via email.
Registration ends on Wednesday, 18.10.2017.