Dice & Mystics Double Feature in May 2023

We give you time and space for all those epic board games that need more than a single game night can provide you with. You can bring those loved but long-unplayed gems from your collection to our event to play on large tables and leave them set up overnight. In addition, we have prepared four tables hosting: 

Twilight Imperium, 4th ed (ENG)
Shadows of Brimstone Adventures, Valley of the Serpent Kings (ENG)
Black Rose Wars, Rebirth (DE)
Daggerheart RPG (ENG)* 

You’ll be able to reserve a place at these tables during check-out. Reservations will be handled on a first-come-first-served basis. Please remember that all those games require your participation on both days, as the event is meant to present games that require more time than one game night.
Feel free to bring your own games, such as Civilization, that you want to play but can not due to their long playing time. However, notify us in advance so that we can reserve a table for your game.

*The Daggerheart RPG consists of Session 0, which clarifies general and specific rules, and a one-shot session. You will play pre-generated characters. The session uses a beta ruleset designed to give you a good impression of this new RPG system and familiarize you with its rules and mechanics. Please bring your own set of polyhedral dice, one additional D12 (of a different colour), and one pencil and eraser. 

The event starts on Saturday the 04th of May at 04.00 PM.
At 07.00 PM we are collecting food orders for the delivery service.
At midnight, we close the rooms. Your games can stay overnight, but sadly, we must send you all back to your living places, dens, and lairs.

On the 05th of May, the second day of gaming starts at 09.00 AM.
At 12.30 PM, we are collecting food orders for the delivery service.
At 02.00 PM, we are closing the event softly.
During the whole event, we will provide you with coffee, tea varieties, and cookies for free.
You can order soft drinks from the delivery service with your food order.

You can book your tickets here.

We are looking forward to playing with you.
Good Play, Better Day!